Outdoor Caulking Tips for Wood Sheds

17 Dec

outdoor caulking for wood sheds

The wood shed on your left is sharp. Couldn’t you see that in your backyard? We love the Estate Series of sheds because it captures the barn style of sheds that are so popular on farms across the U.S. while matching the style of most suburban homes. You can paint the shed any color you would like, but to keep your shed looking great and strong, using some high quality outdoor caulk is required. Don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy to caulk a wood shed. Here are our professional tips.

Caulk Anywhere you See Daylight!

Outdoor caulk preserves the wood in a storage building. Since caulk is waterproof, it puts a water tight seal wherever you apply it. All you need is some caulk and a caulk gun.

outdoor caulking for woodhow it works

Here are some common places where high quality outdoor caulking should be applied. 

caulking siding of shed

1. The bottom edge of siding where it over laps the floor

along the seams

2. Where the siding panels come together

caulking around trim

3. Edges of the doors

siding meets roof

4. Under the roof line where it meets the siding

caulk for wood sheds

5. Caulk around Windows

caulking around trims

6. Around the trim

around air vents

7. Caulk around air vents

best caulk for sheds

8. Corners

After applying the caulk, use your finger to smooth the caulk, wiping with a sponge frequently. Also, when cutting the tip of the caulk, always cut at an angle to make the application process easy.

If you get a paintable exterior caulk, you can caulk before you paint and the building will look seamless! You can get high quality outdoor caulk for wood sheds at your local Lowes retail location.

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