Sheds are the Perfect Workshop, Art Studio or Home Office

As we get closer to the end of another year, it gives us a moment to look back on how our daily life has sheds for my businesschanged. Whether we like it or not, our lifestyles are constantly changing. In the old days, if you needed more space, you had to add onto your home or move. Adding onto your home is too expensive for many and moving is completely out of the question due to the up and down housing market. So, society has begun to get creative and use sheds to make their dreams for a business or living space a reality; while saving thousands of dollars.

Sheds Make Any Workshop or Backyard Lifestyle Possible

workshop shed

Sheds like this one give you the potential for two levels of storage. With that much storage space available, it could make the perfect workshop, home office or art studio. (Summit shown)

Of course sheds are a great solution for those that outgrow their home. But, think outside the box. If you have a home based business or hobby and do not have room to conduct your craft, why not utilize your backyard living space? Seems like a simple idea right?

home office shed

This is just the second story of the Summit shed. Just imagine what you could do with all this extra room on your property.

The simple answer is YES! For as little as $998, you can build a shed kit yourself or get it professionally installed right in your backyard. Depending on the size, you can have a workshop shed, home office or man cave shed built in one day. You can fully customize your shed to make it your house away from home. Just think about it… No more messy desks and no more distractions from others in your home. You can conduct business and your favorite crafts in the peace and quiet environment inside your own shed. Now, that’s trendy!

What Size is Right for Me?

We have sizes as small as 8×8 and as large as 16×24. To determine the right shed size for your needs, try measuring the size of all your tools, furniture and equipment you plan on storing inside. Determine the approximate surface area. Once you determine that, pick the size you need. For extra room to grow over the years, pick the next size up. For example, if you determine that your office furniture takes up approximately 100 square feet, get a 10×12 Statesman (120 sq. ft.) so that you have plenty of extra walk room.

Take Advantage of your Backyard Property…

work inside shed
How would you like to be your own boss? Well, thanks to our strong and easy to customize sheds, you can make your dreams of more living space a reality. If you have a backyard property that is going to waste, consider adding a storage shed. Sheds only require a small investment and a few hours of work. Consider this idea a New Year’s Resolution for 2014!

work shop shed design ideas

Here are some examples of work shop sheds as found on the world wide web.

Happy Holidays!


Heartland Industries

happy holidays Heartland sheds

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$99 Install On any Heartland Playset

Lowes xmas play banner 2013-Recovered

Get Heartland Play Sets Installed for Only $99!

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Includes Heartland Commanders Quarters, Captains Loft or 5 Star Admiral.


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Limited Time Sale on Heartland Sheds

heartland memorial day sale REV

$100 OFF the purchase of In-Stock Heartland Rainier or Stratford storage buildings.

Discount does not apply to Special Order or installed buildings. See store associate for details. Offer valid 5/22/13 -6/3/13.

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Spring Time Savings on Heartland Premium Play Sets

heartland lowes play promo

Spring is near. Save up to $250 on select Heartland play sets. Offer ends March 31, 2013!


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Storage Sheds you Will Have to See to Believe!

10x10 shed Rainier

10×10 storage shed available at Lowe’s!

A few months ago, Jeanine Centuori, chairwoman of the undergraduate architecture program at Woodbury University, approached us about an unique idea she had for her class. The unique challenge presented to the architecture students from Woodbury University in Burbank, CA was to transform a standard shed kit from Heartland Industries into the coolest and smartest cabin they could come up with.

We were thrilled to help out the university in this project. The catch was that the students had to use our 10×10 shed kit and transform it into a building that could accommodate two people for sleeping. In addition, the shed had to provide light, ventilation and insulation. Lastly, they had to complete this assignment without spending over $1,500.

While some of the architecture students were slightly intimated by the project at first, as you can see in the pictures below, it was a huge success.

“We pushed ourselves to use wood in a different way,” said student John Epperly, whose group finished the interiors with oriented strand board, the structural panels left exposed for an organic-meets-industrial look in some modern architecture. “We wanted the space to feel natural and elegant and not at all like a shed.”

Unique and Earth Friendly Storage Sheds

The students even used organic and or recycled materials to make this an earth friendly shed building project. I would be willing to bet that the students never looked at our instruction manual. However, when creative minds and skillful architecture students get together, the end result will usually be quite stunning. Don’t take our word for it, just look at the pictures below! (Click on an image to open the slideshow)

For more information on this storage shed building project, read this article from the LA Times.

Woodbury School of Architecture Contact Information:

Woodbury University
7500 Glenoaks Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91510-7846


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Happy Holidays from Heartland!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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Outdoor Caulking Tips for Wood Sheds

outdoor caulking for wood sheds

The wood shed on your left is sharp. Couldn’t you see that in your backyard? We love the Estate Series of sheds because it captures the barn style of sheds that are so popular on farms across the U.S. while matching the style of most suburban homes. You can paint the shed any color you would like, but to keep your shed looking great and strong, using some high quality outdoor caulk is required. Don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy to caulk a wood shed. Here are our professional tips.

Caulk Anywhere you See Daylight!

Outdoor caulk preserves the wood in a storage building. Since caulk is waterproof, it puts a water tight seal wherever you apply it. All you need is some caulk and a caulk gun.

outdoor caulking for woodhow it works

Here are some common places where high quality outdoor caulking should be applied. 

caulking siding of shed

1. The bottom edge of siding where it over laps the floor

along the seams

2. Where the siding panels come together

caulking around trim

3. Edges of the doors

siding meets roof

4. Under the roof line where it meets the siding

caulk for wood sheds

5. Caulk around Windows

caulking around trims

6. Around the trim

around air vents

7. Caulk around air vents

best caulk for sheds

8. Corners

After applying the caulk, use your finger to smooth the caulk, wiping with a sponge frequently. Also, when cutting the tip of the caulk, always cut at an angle to make the application process easy.

If you get a paintable exterior caulk, you can caulk before you paint and the building will look seamless! You can get high quality outdoor caulk for wood sheds at your local Lowes retail location.

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